Area Parks

Milton Area Parks

Bell Memorial Park

15245 Bell Park Rd

Recently expanded, this park is now an over 36-acre multi-use facility. This active-use park has four baseball fields, pavilions, picnic areas, parking, concessions and a playground. Hopewell Youth Association maintains the league through a use agreement with the City of Milton.

Providence Park

13440 Providence Park Drive

This 42-acre park includes a lodge, hiking trails, a rock-climbing cliff and a lake. This park re-opened in 2016 after Fulton County Board of Commissioners sold to the City of Milton.

Birmingham Park

750 Hickory Flat Road

This 200-acre site, located behind Fire Station No. 43 at 750 Hickory Flat Road, is currently undeveloped but open for hiking, dog walking, or horseback riding. This park’s master plan is complete and awaiting funding.

Freedom Park

13200 Deerfield Parkway

Freedom Park is an exercise center for runners, cyclists and walkers and hosts the city’s patriotic events. It features a walking/running trail and equipment for sit-ups and body curls, a cardio walker, and rowing and elliptical machines.

Alpharetta Area Parks

Cogburn Road Park

12825 Cogburn Road

This park contains a green space area with picnic areas, a playground and a short walking path.

North Park

13450 Cogburn Road

North park contains multiple baseball/softball fields, football fields, lacrosse fields, playgrounds, and hiking trails.

Rock Mill Park

3100 Kimball Bridge Rd

Rock Mill Park is a green space area with a covered pavilion, picnic area and is close to the greenway for walking/hiking.

Wills Park

11925 Wills Road

Wills Park is a multi-use park with several play areas, ball fields, walking trails, tennis courts and more. The Wacky World Playground is a huge play area with slides, bridges, towers, swings, sandboxes and more. Not a far walk from here is the "Yellow Playground". This playground is great for smaller kids and contains slides, swings and a tire spin. Behind the ball fields there is the “Purple Playground”. This playground has a canopy over top and offers multilevel slides, swings and climbing.

Union Hill Park

1590 Little Pine Trail

Union Hill Park has a covered inline hockey rink and an uncovered rink. This facility is used for practice by middle and high school teams.

Webb Bridge Park

4780 Webb Bridge Rd

This multi-use park contains tennis courts, baseball fields, a playground, soccer fields, picnic areas and walking trails.

Cumming Area Parks

Fowler Park

4110 Carolene Way

This park contains 12 tennis courts, 5 soccer fields, 4 baseball fields, 5 picnic pavilions, 3 outdoor basketball courts, 2 playgrounds, 1 lacrosse field and batting cages.  In addition, it also offers a dog park, skate park, a paved 1.5 mile walking trail, recreation center and is part of the Big Creek Greenway.  Many youth programs, camps and other fitness classes are offered here through the Forsyth Parks and Recreation Center.